Terms and Conditions:
1. The photos on our website mostly reflect the variety of fabric colours we may have available. We encourage you to verify the actual colours in stock by making a request via our WhatsApp number 0733-718452
2. Should you purchase a product and it does not meet your satisfaction, you are required to RETURN the product to us WITHIN 48 hours. Upon return, the product should be:
a. Intact i.e. not altered as a result of use or abuse
b. Free of dirt
c. Not Damaged
The product will be inspected upon return and if it falls short in any of the above areas, Beauty Bee Company will not accept it back.
3. All orders must be paid for via Mpesa using the Lipa na Mpesa number 205799
4. Orders above Kes 1700 have free delivery and those below are charged for at Kes 350 irrespective of where the order is from.
5. All deliveries are made within 48 hours of purchase. Upcountry orders should be serviced within 72 hours